Property Management

Daken & Daken Real Estate manage a large and diverse management portfolio and over many years of experience have developed a proven set of systems to successfully manage all forms of tenanted real estate.

Our Property investment management department is supervised by Brian and Wendy Daken, our managing directors; who are themselves landlords of many years' experience. Their expertise and knowledge and constant monitoring, plus the genuine care given to tenant selection by their staff, ensures our clients enjoy worry free management of their real estate investments.

Correct management procedures and maintenance carried out with attention to detail, combined with caring occupants, are the most vital factors to ensure capital growth of your investment. To successfully manage a tenanted property, you must continually monitor this area. Daken & Daken Real Estate is vigilant in ensuring your investments perform in the manner you would expect.

Brian and Wendy are always personally available to their clients/landlords should any query arise that cannot be successfully handled by our dedicated and reliable team.


Marketing your property for lease:

  • We will place a listing for your property on the Daken & Daken, and websites.
  • Your property will be accurately described and avertised (as mutually agreed between us)
  • We will conduct an unlimited number of private viewings of your property until the property is leased.
  • If required, we will update you on the status of your available property and provide you with regular communication until the property is leased.

Leasing your property:

  • All information and references provided by tenancy applicants will be actioned by us within 1 working day of receipt.
  • If you require, all potentially suitable applicants will be referred to you for a decision.
  • A thorough initial property condition report will be carried out together with photographic backup.

Rent collection:

  • We have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy.
  • We will follow up all rent payments in accordance with: our fully documented arrears process, and the requirements of the residential tenancies act.
  • We will contact you to seek your insructions regarding possible termination of the tenancy.
  • Should termination of the tenancy be necessary, we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Repairs and Maintenance:

  • We will not arrange any repairs to your property without your knowledge and approval for all maintenance greater than your pre-approved disbursement level.
  • We will only use qualified tradespeople for any repairs or maintenance work to your property.

Fixed term tenancies:

  • We will review the tenancy agreement for your property 21 days days before it expires.
  • Unless you instruct otherwise, we will offer the tenant renewal of tenancy agreement for the same period as the initial agreement.
  • You will be advised if the tenant does not want to renew their lease.

 Periodical Inspections:

  • Every 3 months we will carry out a thorough inspection of your property as per the management agreement, and provide you with a detailed report of each visit.


  • On receipt of a notice to vacate, we will confirm the details in writing to both you ant the tenant.
  • We will list the property on our websites and put the agreed advertising plan into effect.
  • Prepare all necessary 'end of tenancy' documentation and arrange access for viewings by prospective tenants.
  • A vacating inspection will be carried out to check for any potential problems with the property.

Property outgoings and rent statements:

  • All agreed property outgoings will be paid in your behalf before the due date )subject to availability of funds)
  • Your rent statement will be sent to you on the last business day of the month.


  • We will provide all documentation in clear and concise English, and ensure all documentation is accurate and complete.
  • We will ensure all property condition reports are comprehensively and accurately completed, and if requested, we will ensure copies of all documents that we sign on your behalf are forwarded to you.

Professional standards:

  • The highest standards of honesty, integrity and professional practise will be conducted in compliance with the code of ethics of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia.